An exhibition of drawings and watercolours by Phillip Richardson

These works were shown at the Lapworth museum in Birmingham 2022. The drawings and watercolours in this little exhibition have been inspired by many of the specimens in the Lapworth Museum’s collection. I have been given the opportunity to draw and paint selected fossils from the museum’s archive. This has allowed me the time to study and think about the significance of some beautiful rocks, plants and creatures and how they relate to us today.

 The pictures themselves have various beginnings. Some are close observations, others are perhaps trying to capture that feeling of wonderment and awe that is evoked by the evolution of our planet – how life has developed, diversified, survived.

That is what this exhibition is about – the astonishment and diversity of evolution and the realisation that in another 500 million years… well what? I bet spiders and crabs will still be recognisable, but by what?

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